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12. dubna 2011 v 21:08 | Brita |  moje žblepty

ouch. Again. It happens when I am angry. Yep, I'm writting in english. (And I have here lot of mistakes, I know it, so if you see some of these goofes, tell me, please.)

As many small, naive girls I believe I will be a writer. Of course it is unlikely and impossible. But, I, because I am selfish and egoist, I need to demonstrate my works (Yep, if you are thinking about Kingmurderer, that's what I'm talking about). So I put this brochure on the notice-board.
It's a bit difficult: I put it there before about two weeks ago, but from that moment it read two of my friends, so brochure was put on the board today.
And I'm getting to point. Some people, like boys from our classroom, can't do nothing, but destroying others work. I don't mind, when they try to insult me, or when they "parody" me, but I can't stand, when somebody destroys my work.
They don't see hours of writing, they don't see all the hard work. They just see something, what they must laugh at, just to don't embarrass themselves. Will they ever know how do I feel? NO!
Great, that sounds like they bully me. But that's not true. I don't care. I just can't stand, when somebody thinks, that is easy to write sixteen pages, print them to make brochure, draw picture on the cover page, or just create the background to the story.
There is a beautiful Czech proverb for this situation:
Neházejte perly sviním...
But, I don't want to put my work just on blog, where everybody can copy it. And I don't want to let the story be forgotten. So, is there any other choice than put it on notice-board and believe that my story won't be cross out and replaced by vulgar words?
OK, it is much easier to be naive: Each beginning is hard, and the road to win is vertical and full of barriers.

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