Why I don't like shopping

24. ledna 2011 v 20:17 | Brita |  moje žblepty
All right, I AM crazy. So, this article will be writed in English. Err, I don't know, what iI should write. So, ehmm...All right, I've got it. 

Today, I wasn't on training. Nothing special, isn't it? But it's just the beginning.
So, after school, I wanted to go to shopping center. It's difficult to describe...
I don't like shopping, I hate big places with many things and lots of people, and I feel terrible, when I am shopping. Don't ask me why. In a fact, I don't know it. 
But I just wanted to go and buy some clothes. I had money. I phoned to my mother about where am I and where am I going, and went there. 
At first, I missed bus, by which I often get home, so there was no way to escape from my plan. Terrible. The second bus-to the shopping center, was late. It doesn't matter. 
But then, I came in front of that big building. And suddenly, there was the terrible feeling. Imagine, that you are in some big place, just yourself, and everywhere around you are your enemies. And everybody is looking at you, as you are something what smells on the ground.
I can't describe it better. I tried, but I coudn't find right words.
Back to theme. Because of the terrible feeling, I leaved the center as quickly, as if thousand of hungry tigers were following me. No more comment. That's all. Not, wait! There is also my way home. 
It could be expected. The first bus I missed. Ten minutes on a bus stop, with heavy, very heavy bag on my back. Finally, the bus came, and I was on a way to the second bus stop. And ten meters before it, I saw from the window one bus. "Oh, please, don't turn right!" I shouted in my mind. And the bus before me just did it. So, another fifteen minutes on another bus stop with another smoking people. Grrr...
But, you can read it, I got home. Finally. 
"I will never go shopping alone anymore!" 

All right, why this article? Just because...err...Do you know, what I read? Have a look on the menu side of my blog. This book IS in English. I am in a half of it. And it's second book in English, I read...
But it isn't a reason. 
Don't care...

(I was really crazy to write this, it will not be normal on this blog...probably...)

Post Scriptum: I will be glad for some critic about my English. I really need to check mistakes. Thanks

Edit 21:44: I have checked all "E" in all words "English" thanks to Kamm  (Web

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1 Kamm Kamm | Web | 24. ledna 2011 v 20:59 | Reagovat

Hey, girlie! Your article's really fine, you're so good. :) But you have to type 'English', no 'english', you know. :D
So sorry, I'm such a noob. :D

2 screamers-fans screamers-fans | 24. ledna 2011 v 21:14 | Reagovat

Ahoj máš moc hezkej blog. Jestli jsi fanynkou skupiny Screamers nebo jsi o nich již slyšela a chtěla by ses dozvědět něco víc koukni ke mně. No kouknout můžeš i tak :D díky cauky

3 L.o.u L.o.u | Web | 4. února 2011 v 16:55 | Reagovat

Yeah! Article in English? It´s a good idea. You probably love English.Me too :D
Yep. Shopping alone sucks, but sometimes you have no choice :D
My English is not good, so looking for mistakes..? No, thanks :D

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